Sharon Wise and K-9 Daisy, Sharon is a NASAR SARTECH II, DCNR FTL and Daisy is Certified AWDA Trailing Type II

Amanda Wise And K-9 Emma, Amanda is a NASAR SARTECH II, DCNR FTL and Emma is Certified AWDA Certified Air Scent Type II

Terry Wise and K-9 Hunter, Terry is a NASAR SARTECH II, DCNR FTL certified and K-9 Hunter is Certified NSDA Trailing Type II, NASAR SARTECH Canine Trailing III also AWDA Certified Human Remains Detection Type IV

Debbie Greusel and K-9 Libby, Debbie is  a DCNR FTL and Libby is AWDA Certified Scent Discriminated Air Scent Type II and Non Scent Discrim. Type II

Jeff Winter and K-9 Zoe, Jeff is a NASAR SARTECH II and DCNR FTL, and Zoe's Trailing 

Christopher Shirk and K-9 Ichon, Chris is NASAR SARTECH III Certified and K-9 Ichon is Training for Air Scent Scent Discrimination Air Scent and Napoleon Air Scent

Steve Hoak, NASAR certified SARTECH II and K-9 Tess in Training for Wilderness Trailing 

Our Newest Pacsar Members

Douglas Good, NASAR Sartech III certification and Ground Personnel

Raven Eckman, K-9 Aztec in training

Micah Newswanger, Ground Personnel

Dakota Balser, Ground Personnel

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