PACSAR’S Special Unit 95 Mobile Command Trailer

The Pennsylvania Canine Search and Rescue’s Mobile Command Trailer Lancaster County Special Unit 95 (SU95)

 Our SU95 is set up with a full commercial grade dual band UHF/VHF base radio.  The base radio uses a Tri-Band Commercial 7-800Mhz, VHF & UHF antenna that is housed on a telescoping fiberglass mast with a maximum extension of thirty-five (35) feet.  The trailer also has two base VHF portable repeaters that are housed on a separate telescoping fiberglass mast with a maximum extension of forty (40) feet.  The trailer has in its cache four (10) dual band UHF/VHF FM portable handheld radios with four (6) spare batteries and chargers, and in another cache ten (10) 800 MHz handheld portable radios with the 8CALL90/90D, 8TAC91/91D, 8TAC92/92D, 8TAC93/93D & 8TAC94/94D Interoperability frequencies.  This way our communication system is capable of working with Federal, State, County and Local Agencies radio systems directly, saving time and also those agencies being able to contact the IC directly.

 It also has two (2) PC desktops with three (3) monitors, one for running and staying on the weather/radar, second is for internet service and 3rd separate on its own PC is for running a software program Mission Manager, FollowMee a smartphone app monitored on their website that uses GPS tracking that allows the command to see in Real Time the team members location and what they have covered.  SU95 has full 4G LTE Wi-Fi with Verizon.  SU95 has several electrical outlets installed with separate interior led lighting.  The electrical power is generated by a generator/inverter.  SU95 also has exterior lighting for keeping night time operations running and having the command trailer being completely lit up.

 SU95 also carries a base kit, and first aid jump bag in it (see PSARC’S attachment of items inside said base kit and first aid jump bag).  SU95 also has two eight foot (8) folding tables and four (4) chairs, and one (1) Stokes basket.  SU95 is capable to run as a full operational dispatch and command center for a short or lengthy period of time.  Also prior to responding PACSAR has a plotter printer and we print a 46”X32” Satellite Imagery map and Topo Map with UTM.


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